Chicago Tribune Lays Off More Newsroom Staff

The Chicago Tribune was hit by another round of layoffs Thursday, one day before parent company Tronc released SEC filings showing top executives received pay raises. The number of people laid off at the paper remains unclear, and employees received no prior notice. “The Chicago Tribune is reshaping its newsroom and making important steps in our ongoing effort to become more a digital enterprise,” said Marisa Kollias, vice president of communications and public relations at Tronc, in a statement. “Excellence in journalism remains our top priority. The newsroom is redefining jobs and structure so that people are in the best position to create and deliver news content for the rapidly changing demands of our audience.” The cuts are the second round of layoffs at the Tribune in five months. Meanwhile, top executives at Tronc continue to make six and seven figure salaries with extensive bonus packages. (Robert Feder)


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