Betty Who’s Dance Moves Wow the Metro

It’s a rarity to find a pop star who is 100% genuine. However, Aussie dance queen Betty Who is just that.  Having met and interviewed Betty back in 2016 at Mamby on the Beach, I was amazed at how real she was, despite her supernatural good looks and throngs of die-hard fans waiting for her set. Two years later, the only thing that’s changed about Betty is her haircut (it’s adorable, by the way). After parting with RCA Records in 2017, Betty has released a few singles as an independent artist: a cover of Kiley Minogue’s “Come Into My World”, and her own single “Ignore Me“, which has been well-received by her fans. Even without a record label, Betty Who still sold out the Metro (and Chop Shop the night before).

Before Betty Who, trumpet/electronic artist Spencer Ludwig opened the evening with a unique blend of pop synth and jazz fusion. Ludwig made trumpets look cool, so to speak, and was completely invested in each of his songs, something the audience clearly loved. He has also performed with tons of incredible bands, including Portugal. the Man, Foster the People, and Fitz and the Tantrums. It’s no wonder: his passionate lyrics, exciting presence, and powerful performance had everyone enthralled with his every movement onstage. Following Ludwig’s set, American singer and DJ Pretty Sister (aka Zak Waters) gave a fun and entertaining performance, although his energy was a bit less palpable than his predecessor. Pretty Sister has released several chart-topping singles in collaboration with other artists, including Nause and LDN Noise. He co-produced and co-wrote many of the tracks on Betty Who’s 2017 album The Valley, which easily explains his place on her tour. While Pretty Sister’s songs were catchy, his performance this night wasn’t that impressive. In fact, some of the audience members seemed to lose interest, especially after Ludwig’s amazing set. Either way, Pretty Sister did his best to amp up the crowd before the Betty came onstage.

Betty Who is a strong advocate of the queer community, and as a result, has a large gay following. The vibe at the Metro that night was one of love and openness, which was highlighted by the Metro’s decision to turn the women’s restroom into a gender-neutral restroom (which I cannot applaud enough). She started her set off with “High Society” off her 2014 album Take Me When You Go, which had the whole crowd screaming with excitement. Betty’s stage presence is full of warm smiles, impeccable choreography, and lots and lots of glitter. The energy at a Betty Who concert is like a summer music festival without the sunburn, and I can’t wait until she comes back through town.

Betty Who’s tour continues through North Carolina and Florida at the end of the month. Tickets can be purchased HERE.

All photos by Kate Scott


Kate Scott
Kate Scott

Kate Scott Daly specializes in music journalism. Her body of work includes live documenting over 200 bands, reviewing several albums and concerts, and multiple artist interviews. Kate continues to brave the photo pits of major music venues and outdoor festivals throughout the Chicagoland scene.

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