McCarthy Finally Formally Announces Mayoral Bid

After months of speculation and playing coy about whether or not he’ll run, former Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy made his official announcement to run for mayor on Wednesday. “Between the taxes, our economy, the schools and the crime rate here, we’re a laughingstock in America,” McCarthy said. “The prevailing thought about Chicago is we’re on our way down in all those areas, and they all infect each other, and nobody seems to get that. It’s almost like a ‘Wake up, Chicago’ moment.” "I’m running for mayor to change that," he added. "This is one of the greatest cities in the world." McCarthy joins what is already a crowded field of potential challengers to Emanuel, including Chicago principals association President Troy LaRaviere, businessman and former mayoral candidate Willie Wilson, and entrepreneur Neal Sales-Griffin. A spokesperson for Emanuel dismissed McCarthy’s comments. "Anyone who thinks Chicago is only 'ONE of the greatest cities in the world' not only does not deserve to be mayor of Chicago but does not make the minimum requirement needed to run for mayor of Chicago," said Pete Giangreco. "Until Garry learns that Chicagoans do not share his desire to become New York City he is going to struggle in this proud town. " (Chicago Tribune) (NBC)
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