Chicago March For Our Lives Expected To Draw Thousands To Union Park

Millions of people nationwide will take part in the March For Our Lives Saturday morning, a massive series of demonstrations to spread awareness about gun violence and call for stricter gun control measures in the wake of mass shootings. “March For Our Lives is created by, inspired by, and led by students across the country who will no longer risk their lives waiting for someone else to take action to stop the epidemic of mass school shootings that has become all too familiar,” organizers wrote in a statement on their website. “In the tragic wake of the seventeen lives brutally cut short in Florida, politicians are telling us that now is not the time to talk about guns.” While the main march will take place in Washington, D.C., satellite marches are planned across the country, including Chicago and the suburbs. The main march in the city will begin at 11:00AM at Union Park. “The voices for the March for Our Lives are those of the generation that grew up with mass shootings,” wrote Chicago organizers in a statement. “This is the sound of millions of voices across the country pleading for change- we say enough. End the violence. There has been more than enough blood, tears, and bullets- one school shooting is a school shooting too many. However, we cannot ignore the gun violence that people in the low income communities of Chicago witness in the streets, in their homes and in their classes every day.” You can RSVP to the Chicago March here. (WGN)


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