Chicagoans Rally for Stephon Clark

Hundreds of demonstrators marched from Water Tower Place to Trump Tower Monday evening to call for justice for Stephon Clark and others killed by police. Clark was killed in March by the Sacramento Police, who shot him from behind at least 8 times. His death sparked daily protests in Sacramento, and several solidarity demonstrations around the country, including yesterday’s in Chicago, where participants also called attention to several high-profile police shootings in the city, including that of Laquan McDonald. “It’s 2018 people. It’s 2018 and young black people, young queer people, young brown people, young immigrants, and people who are not so old are being gunned down in the streets by the authorities in this country,” said John Beacham of the ANSWER Coalition, one of several groups that organized the demonstration. “They assassinate and lynch black and brown people on the streets of America with absolute impunity.” (Visu.News)
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Aaron Cynic