WGN Journalist Allegedly Admonished by Bosses For Sinclair Tweet

Journalists at WGN have been effectively silenced by Sinclair Broadcasting Company, the conservative television giant that’s recently come under fire for forcing its journalists to read scripted comments about “fake news” on camera. Jeff Hoover, a producer and on-air contributor to the network’s morning show tweeted on Monday “Re: Sinclair – There is NO WAY any of our on-air anchors and reporters will read their scripted messages on our show. Chicago’s Very Own, not owned” in response to the now viral video showing hundreds of Sinclair employees reading the scripted remarks. WGN is one of 42 local TV station’s owned by Tribune Media Sinclair is looking to buy in a $3.9 billion acquisition. According to media columnist Robert Feeder, who reached out to more than a dozen employees at the station, Hoover was admonished by management for the tweet, and no one will speak publicly about Sinclair. “In one way or another, we’ve all been told to keep quiet and stay out of it,” said one anonymous source. (Robert Feeder)
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Aaron Cynic