Chicago and Illinois Join Entities Suing Federal Government Over Census

Illinois and Chicago joined seventeen states and six cities in suing the federal government Tuesday over the constitutionality of a question regarding citizenship being added to census forms added by the Trump administration. The Census Bureau hasn’t included a question regarding citizenship status since 1950. Opponents of asking citizenship status on census forms say that immigrants and others might dodge participating altogether, which would skew political representation and allocation of federal dollars in communities. The lawsuit alleges that such a question would “fatally undermine the accuracy of the population count.” “The Trump administration’s attempt to politicize the Census is par for the course for a president who never misses an opportunity to degrade democracy, sow seeds of prejudice, and disempower our country’s urban centers,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel in a statement. “President Trump is trying to force America’s immigrants into the shadows, and Chicago is proud to join with leaders from across the country in standing up to the latest effort to undermine our residents’ rights.” (Associated Press)
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