University of Chicago Rallies for Student Shot by Police

The University of Chicago community held protests on Thursday at the school’s campus over the shooting of a fourth-year student by police. Hundreds of students and other community members began their protest at the business school and eventually moved to the University’s International House, where President Robert Zimmer was speaking at a “free speech” event. The student, Charles Thomas, was shot earlier this week by police during a mental health episode where he hand brandished a metal bar. “I’m confused as to why Charles couldn’t have been gently taken down by another officer and why he had to be shot on the scene that night,” said Alycia Kamil Moaton, a student at the school who is also part of the group Good Kids Mad City. “Police need to be held accountable for their wrongdoings; they need to learn how to handle a situation when someone they are chasing down has a mental health issue.” (Sun-Times)


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