Gallery: Saturday Cosplay at C2E2 2018

  Saturday was packed from start to finish. The show floor was full to overflowing, there was music, dancing and of course, tons of amazing cosplay. We got off to a late start but found plenty of amazing costume work to ogle as we walked through the show floors and around the panel rooms. Saturday is often the best day to see cosplay at C2E2, with the Crown Championships bringing the best cosplayers from around the world to the con to compete in the evening's main event. But it wasn't just the competitive cosplay that won us over. There were plenty of fun, silly and elaborate costumes created just for the fun of it, and lots of groups of cosplayers posing and getting selfies with other cosplayers they met on their journeys. One thing we love about C2E2 is the positive vibe that seems to emanate throughout the weekend, and the appreciation people have for the cosplayers that make the effort to navigate the show floors in bulky armor, crazy heels or vision-impairing helmets. Cosplayers spend months and sometimes even years putting their costumes together, putting an incredible amount of intricate work and love into their outfits. Amanda Hass, a seamstress from Louisville, Kentucky who took home the first place local qualifier prize, spent six months working on her take on Anastasia. “I went to school for painting and costume design and I actually designed for stage,” said Hass, who has been doing cosplay since 2012. “I got tired of the actors wearing my designs and so I was like ‘it’s my turn.’” Her costume this year contained about 60 crystals inside a light up crown, and around 10,000 rhinestones in the entire outfit. “I did my own spin with it by adding in more historical Russian gown designs and lighting this crown up like a disco ball,” said Haas. “It was a labor of love and rhinestones.” For those aspiring to work the cosplay circuit, Haas said the best way to get started is to first attend a convention sans cosplay, and get to know as many cosplayers as one can. “Ask them about their day. How hard is it to be in a costume? Do you like being in front of photographers, are you comfortable being in front of photographers because you’re going to be in front of a camera,” said Haas. “I always say explore and research, then start from a small project and work your way up. You’ll be amazed how fast you kind of climb that cosplay personal ladder and find out you’re making ball gowns in two weeks.” Competing in the Crown Championships of Cosplay wasn’t the only way we found people showing off their love of fandom at C2E2. Tara Karo, creator and owner of the Acrobatica Infiniti Circus, brought her troop to the convention to show off their unique meld of cosplay and circus arts. “It’s a circus company that merges cosplay and professional circus stunts,” said Karo. “It’s all of the favorite characters that everybody loves come to life.” You can see our full interview with Karo here: We hope you enjoy this gallery of some of our favorites and that you'll stay with us for our Sunday collection as well. Meanwhile, we'll see you on the floor for one last day of nerdy fun!
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Marielle Bokor