Gallery: Sunday Cosplay at C2E2 2018

The last day of a con can be bittersweet and underattended, but neither seemed true for the last day of C2E2 2018. The halls were still packed and panel rooms were filling up even more than they had on Friday and Saturday, while autograph lines ballooned with people trying to get that last must-have meet and greet. We made it out on the floor bright and early, and spent quite a bit of time on panels before giving the floor one last long look, seeing if there were any goodies we just had to have.

Overall, C2E2 2018 solved a lot of the problems it had last year, and though security was higher and took longer to get through, at least when walking the show floor, the expansion to fill the whole room with booths and play areas made it so that your time on the floor was very much less cumbersome. The addition of more food stands made it so that even if McCormick Place’s McDonald’s and Connie’s were full up, you could grab a bite relatively quickly, and for those who camp panels like we have to sometimes, the Connie’s stand in the Main Stage room made it easier to spend a few hours in there and come out relatively well hydrated (for a premium, but sometimes it’s worth it.)

Cosplay was great this year, and the Crown Championships of Cosplay were jaw-droppingly great (so watch out for our feature on that tomorrow.) and after parties and Henry Rollins talks made it a con to truly remember. We can’t wait for what next year has in store, and are excited to bring that coverage to you. Now rest up, con-goers, and keep the spirit of the con alive by embracing your nerdiness and spreading the love for your favorite things far and wide.

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Marielle Bokor
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