Chicago Alderman Mike Zalewski Resigns

Alderman Mike Zalewski, who’s worked with the City for 42 years and served as 23rd Ward alderman for 23, will step down from his post at the end of May. “I have been humbled to serve the residents of the 23rd Ward for the past twenty-three years,” Zalewski said in a press release. “The opportunity local residents have given me to address their needs and work on issues that impact our families has been the greatest privilege of my life.” Zalewski would’ve been up for re-election in 2019, but stressed his decision to retire had nothing to do with the upcoming election. “There’s no sub-plot here,” Zalewski told The Daily Line. There’s no reason other than I don’t want to go through even the pretending I’m going to go through another election cycle and leave people in limbo.” Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who will now appoint the alderman’s replacement, expressed his gratitude to Zalewski for his service and wished him well. "As an Alderman, Chairman Zalewski has been a tireless advocate for the residents of the 23rd Ward," said Emanuel. "As chair of the aviation committee, he played a crucial role in modernizing Midway, transforming O'Hare and supporting the city's efforts to overhaul contracting and to ensure our airports are ready for the future of aviation.” (NBC5) (The Daily Line)
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