Emanuel Calls on Illinois Lawmakers to Override Rauner Veto of Gun Shop Licensing Bill

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel called on Illinois lawmakers Monday to override Governor Bruce Rauner’s veto of a bill that would require gun dealers to be licensed. “He signed regulation on catfish sales at restaurants in August of 2017, and then said this was too burdensome,” said Emanuel at a press conference. “Catfish sales? That required regulation. Gun sales? Big Brother government...His words ring hollow and empty.” Rauner vetoed the bill in March, saying that it would do little to improve safety and that it created “created onerous, duplicative bureaucracy.” The legislation required that gun store employees go through criminal background checks, that any store selling guns be licensed, and that employees receive training to identify buyers purchasing a gun for someone else, as well as basic security training. “We, in Chicago, have experience overriding the governor’s vetoes because he vetoed every one of our pension bills,” said Emanuel. “We overrode him and we did it with bi-partisan support.” (Sun-Times)
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Aaron Cynic