Police Apprehend Illinois Man Accused of Mass Shooting at Waffle House

Police say Monday they apprehended an Illinois man accused of going on a shooting rampage which killed four people and wounded others over the weekend. Police allege that Travis Reinking, a 29 year-old man from Morton, Illinois, used a previously confiscated semiautomatic AR-15 rifle in a mass shooting at a Waffle House outside of Nashville. Three people died on the scene, one later in a hospital, while two more were injured, at least one of whom wrestled the weapon away from Reinking, likely preventing further bloodshed. Police allege that Reinking was sitting in a pickup truck for a few moments int he parking lot, and on exiting the truck, immediately began firing at customers in the parking lot, and continued to fire as he entered the building. Reinking fled after customer James Shaw Jr. wrestled his weapon away while he was reloading. Police found and arrested Reinking Monday after a 34-hour manhunt. (Washington Post)


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