Get Your Pencils Ready, Chicago, for the 2018 Urban Sketch Seminar

The Urban Sketchers are back for the 2018 Chicago Sketch Seminar! The city-wide event will offer a variety of workshops by Chicago art instructors, each revolving around capturing the city via sketchbook. The Seminar will also hold a number of "sketchwalks," during which groups of participants will explore the city on foot, sketchbooks in tow, stopping to draw the parks, people, skyscrapers, and whatever else they stumble upon (or scumble upon, in this case). 'Chicago Theater Marquis' by Urban Sketchers founder, Gabi Campanario at last year's Urban Sketch Symposium held in Chicago. Last year, Chicago hosted The International Sketch Symposium for the first time (which I wrote about here), after which the Sketch Seminar is modeled, joining the lineup of cities around the globe who've offered their streets and public parks to the occasion. 'Sausage Fest Truck' by Urban Sketcher, Wes Douglas. Douglas will be the instructor for Sketching Vehicles the Urban Sketchers’ Way at this year's Sketch Seminar. Like the Symposium, the Chicago Sketch Seminar is a great opportunity for seasoned artists and curious individuals alike to see the city from different vantage points, learning to appreciate it from new perspectives that only eye-to-page observations can create. The workshops will explore just how to go about that, focusing on different techniques, processes, and methods of drawing on location. Workshops offered this year include How to Sketch Like an Architect (taught by Joel Berman) and Capturing Chicago's Rhythm and Energy (taught by Lisa Flahive). You can view the complete workshop list and descriptions here. Come June 1, when the Seminar kicks off, sketchers will be rushing in to capture the energy of fleeting moments around the city. But, just like the sights around us, registration is going fast---it closes May 1st, giving exactly one month to prepare for the activities. So, seize the moment and pencil in your registration (digitally, of course). Then get your real pencils ready for some serious fun. The 2018 Chicago Sketch Seminar will run from June 1-3 and will be hosted by Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts. You can view the complete Seminar schedule here and learn more about the event on the Chicago Sketch Seminar blog. You can also follow the Chicago Urban Sketchers on Facebook and Instagram.   Photos courtesy of Urban Sketchers.
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Stephanie Lenchard Warren

Stephanie Lenchard Warren is a visual artist and nonfiction writer. Her work explores finding ourselves in nature as well as the nature in ourselves.