Jake’s Pub Faces Fierce Backlash After Defending Owners’ Racist Social Media Posts

A Lakeview bar is facing fierce criticism after its owners used racial slurs online, defended their actions, and then threatened to dox a former regular at the establishment. Over the weekend, the owners of Jake’s Pub, located on Clark and Oakdale, commented on a social media post written by a former regular at the bar on her personal Facebook page calling out people who use the N-word who aren’t black. “Don’t say the N word if you are not black. Don’t say it,” wrote the woman. “Don’t read it out loud. Don’t sing it. Don’t rap it. Don’t use it when you quote Dave Chappelle. Nope. Nah. Stop.” This prompted the owners of Jake’s to leave a string of comments, including one by a relative who used the N-word. “Jesus you literally hate white people almost as much as you hate yourself,” wrote bar manager Ashley Elmore, who posts under the pseudonym “Hanzo Johnson.” The comments, which included one by Elmore’s stepdad who is not part of the ownership using the N-word, garnered the bar hundreds of negative reviews online, along with a Facebook event called “Black People Meet At Jake’s Pub Tonight.” The former regular, who has chosen to remain anonymous, said she was grateful for the support, and hopes that calling out racism can help make people of color feel safer. “We need to get to a place where racism isn’t tolerated, not even in the slightest amount,” she said. “Everyone should feel safe and welcome everywhere.” (Eater Chicago)


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