Push for Progressive Income Tax Gaining Steam in Springfield

Republican and Democratic lawmakers in Springfield are once again sparring over potential legislation in Springfield that would switch Illinois’ flat tax system to a graduated one. The move would require a constitutional amendment, and the question would first need to be posed on an electoral ballot, and the 2018 deadline has already passed, meaning the first time voters could be asked the question is 2020. The switch to the tax code would change rates from a flat 4.95% regardless of income, to a graduated rate where people with higher incomes would pay more, and those with lower incomes would pay less. A similar push took place in 2013 but failed when Democrats chose not to call the bill to the floor for a vote. This time around, the move is supported by both House Speaker Michael Madigan and Democratic gubernatorial candidate and billionaire JB Pritzker. Opposing are Illinois Republicans including Governor Bruce Rauner, who have said the move was tantamount to “class warfare” and a stunt to win votes ahead of the November general election. (Politico Playbook Illinois) (Chicago Tribune)
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Aaron Cynic