First of Five Hearings on Police Civilian Review Bodies Breaks up Amid Protest

The first of five hearings on civilian oversight boards for the Chicago Police Department broke up Tuesday amid protests of the format and process. The Chicago City Council’s Committee on Public Safety scheduled five hearings on four competing proposals for civilian review of the police, including a Civilian Police Accountability Commission (CPAC), which would have the power to investigate and prosecute officers accused of misconduct, as well as replace the Police Board and hire a Superintendent. “People were coming with an expectation that they would be able to ask questions and make comments, to talk about what they felt like needed to happen,” said Renee Haynie-Jackson, who led the meeting. Alderman. Ariel Reboyras, who chairs the Public Safety Committee, said the scheduled dates would be kept. “We are going to try and reorganize. But it looks like we’ll have to do some adjustments,” said Reboyras. The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, May 19 from 1:00 p.m.-to-3 p.m. at Gage Park High School. (Chicago Tribune)


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