Illinois House Democrats Unsure When They Can Pass ERA

Though the largely symbolic vote to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment passed out of a House Committee Wednesday, it still does not have enough votes to pass the full House, according to sponsor Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie). “I think we can turn the tide, and I think we’ll pass this, but it isn’t going to be easy,” said Lang. "You can cloak this in any type of language you wish, but in the end a 'no' vote is a vote against women.” The Illinois Senate voted to pass the Equal Rights Amendment in April, an astonishing 36 years passed the deadline for ratification for the Constitutional Amendment, which was first proposed more than 40 years ago. Illinois was one of 15 states not to ratify it by the 1982 deadline, even though it added a version to the state Constitution in 1970. Lang did not say when a vote might take place. (Sun-Times) (Herald and Review)
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Aaron Cynic