State Rep. Cassidy Says House Speaker Michael Madigan’s Office Took Retaliatory Action After Criticism

State Representative Kelly Cassidy (D-14th District) says she was forced to resign from a part-time position with the Cook County Sheriff’s office in retaliation for criticism of House Speaker Michael Madigan’s handling of sexual harassment allegations in the Statehouse. Cassidy says Madigan’s office called the Sheriff’s just days to check on her employment just days after she publicly rebuked Madigan’s handling of sexual harassment claims. “It was very chilling, … It felt like a warning, very clearly,” said Cassidy. “It was clear to me that this would be the first of an unlimited number of shots at me, and I respect the sheriff too much and the work they do. But I felt like the only way that I could bring an end to this is to come out.” Cassidy resigned, but said she did so because the check-in was a form of retaliation. In a letter, Madigan said he had “never taken any action” regarding Cassidy’s outside employment, or asked anyone to do so. (Sun-Times)
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Aaron Cynic