Preview: Check out the Mothergunship Gun Crafting Range Available Today

Image courtesy Grip Digital

Bullet hell and Tower of Guns successor Mothergunship is fast. After playing modern shooters for so long, when I got at the controls, I felt like I was driving a sports car as opposed to the slow, lumbering boats most newer FPS games are.

Do you like guns? Why just use one gun, when you can attach several together at once? In Mothergunship, the bullet hell doesn’t come from one direction–you are become bullet hell. With the Mothergunship Gun Crafting Range you can try out the frenetic action yourself, and test your skills at building the biggest, most ridiculous gun that you can. Do you want a chaingun/grenade launcher with a jet engine? That’s a thing.

Image courtesy Grip Digital

In the Gun Crafting Range you can test several rooms of increasing challenge. There isn’t much here, just enough to whet your appetite, but it should give you an idea of the type of insane projectile-throwing havoc the full game will offer.

So play, build your craziest gun, and Tweet it out with the hashag #mothergunship for your chance for internet fame. You can check out my fighter jet inspired creation below.

Image courtesy Grip Digital

Check out this humorous primer for the full Mothergunship here. It’s also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Look for Mothergunship when developer Grip Digital feels it’s ready to go later this year. Also, stay tuned to this spot for our full review.

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