Preview: Shape of the World Promises Psychedelic Relaxation

Image courtesy Hollow Tree Games

Shape of the World by developer Hollow Tree Games is an upcoming exploration game with light puzzle elements that is an absolutely relaxing experience. In the vein of Proteus or Everything, Shape of the World has you walking around a surreal dreamscape full of colors, sound, and strange creatures.

Image courtesy Hollow Tree Games

With exploration as the main goal, Shape of the World doesn’t have much gameplay in the traditional sense. You walk around, explore, and interact with objects to progress. There isn’t any hand-holding or prompts telling you which objects you interact with, or how, but all interactions are done through simple clicking.

Image courtesy Hollow Tree Games

Shape of the World bills itself as a short escape from work or stress, designed to make you relax moreso than engage you. Completely non-violent and immensely interesting, it’s not much of a game. It’s about the musical equivalent to whale songs—and that’s okay! It’s all about “immersion and contemplation” according to the product page on Steam.

If you want a gorgeous, surreal world to lose yourself in, check out this one to three hour experience when it releases June 5th.


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