Madigan’s Chief of Staff Latest in Springfield Legislature to Resign Amid Allegations of Harassment, Intimidation

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan’s Chief of Staff resigned Wednesday after being accused of mishandling sexual harassment cases, bullying, and harassment. Sherri Garrett, an account technician in the House, said that for several years Tim Mapes, Madigan’s Chief of Staff, made sexually inappropriate comments towards her, made jokes about sexual harassment training and protests against the mistreatment of women. “I have decided to come forward because we have a serious and pervasive problem in our state government, and I could no longer remain silent about my own mistreatment,” said Garrett. “My hope is that by coming forward, I can help to create space for others to do the same.” This is the latest in a series of incidents involving members of the legislature resigning over allegations of sexual harassment and intimidation. (WLS7)


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