Police Shoot and Kill 24 Year-Old Man on South Side

Chicago Police shot and killed a 24 year-old man in Bronzeville last night during what they say was an “armed confrontation.” Police officials alleged that Maurice Granton Jr ran from them during the “encounter” and at some point “produced a weapon,” and an officer shot Granton an unknown number of times. He was taken to University of Chicago Medical Center and pronounced dead. Family, friends, and community members however, say the police story doesn’t add up, and are demanding answers. “Since when does running validate somebody getting shot,” asked Granton’s sister, Joanna Varnado. She also said she didn’t believe the weapon was his. “I just want to know what the real story is,” she said. “If it was misconduct, I want justice. My brother was 24 years old. He loved his girls. That’s all he lived for, was his kids.” (Chicago Tribune)


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