Review: Kill Scenes’ Atmospheric Sound Fits Cafe Mustache Perfectly

The release party for Kill Scenes’ latest release, In Dreams, at Logan Square’s Cafe Mustache last month certainly could have been something out of a nonexistent piece of cinema. I arrived during the middle of Magic Ian’s opening set. A twentysomething girl in overalls took my I.D. There was a man in the other room selling neon t-shirts with a sunglasses-wearing Abraham Lincoln’s likeness on them, alongside Magic Ian’s merch table, with cassette tapes on display. A tall, slender bartender with glasses, a beard and tattoos served me a Schlitz in a tall boy can. There were vintage TVs behind the bar and soundstage displaying ambient backgrounds to go with the background being projected above the stage. As it would happen, this was a fitting backdrop for Kill Scenes’ set. Alongside Whitaker were the talents of Margo Elena, Taylor Briggs, and Andrew Hertzberg.  Their music could be described as poppy, yet brooding and atmospheric at times. Sometimes soft and synthy and introspective, sometimes more driving and percussion-oriented. Elena’s vocals and presence added some gravitas to the set. The performers made good use of the relatively small room, packed with people who didn’t look much different from the staff or performers. Anyone who has seen a film like Star WarsThe Good, the Bad, and The Ugly, or Jurassic Park knows how a much a soundtrack can enhance a viewing experience. Kill Scenes put up a perfectly appropriate soundtrack for the night.
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Julian Ramirez