Craig Wedren Brings ‘Adult Desire’ to Beat Kitchen Saturday

Craig Wedren made his name in the influential Shudder To Think, a band whose distinctive and sometimes knotty sound still sounds fresh and new today. Over the years, though, he proved to be a bit of a musical chameleon, especially within the context of his genre-hopping soundtrack work. That absolutely fabulous '80s rock that scores Wet Hot American Summer? You have Wedren to thank for that. And a few years ago he released music under the BABY moniker that mixed dance sensibilities with glam stomps to create a truly unique party vibe. Late last year he released his latest work, Adult Desire, and it finds Wedren exploring new territory with sophisticated songs that apply just the right amount of flourish while still remaining relatively stark in their delivery. Wedren also released a VR app along with the album, so you can immerse yourself in the music via footage he shot himself. Talk about getting into the songwriter's mind! Wedren comes into town to play a show at Beat Kitchen tomorrow, July 14.
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