Group Urges Governor to Sign Bill Exempting Illinois from Crosscheck

Local activists are urging Governor Rauner sign a bill on his desk that would increase protections for voters by stopping Illinois from participating in the Interstate Crosscheck system. Crosscheck is a program that collects voter registration information from participating states and “crosschecks” the data to find duplicate registrations. The system, which has been touted by the GOP and the Trump administration as a way to stop “millions of illegal voters,” which the administration has never proved actually exist, has not only been widely discredited, but contains several security gaps and has been used to purge legitimate voters from the rolls. “I’m hopeful that our Governor now sees the risks of exposing our voter data in a new light and will sign SB 2273,” said Steve Held, a leader with Indivisible Chicago, an activist group championing the legislation. “As we learn more about the scope of the 2016 hacks, it’s time to put partisanship aside and take election security and data privacy seriously.”

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