Trump To Visit Granite City Steel Mill

President Donald Trump will make an appearance in Granite City, Illinois Thursday afternoon to take credit for an idle steel plant reopening its doors after he imposed increased tariffs on imports. “Our community is excited to have the president come, and we’re especially excited to see jobs coming back to Granite City,” said James Amos, the city’s economic development director. Not everyone is happy about the President’s tariffs, however, as the increases have caused job losses in other economic sectors and industries. Despite appearing at an event with Vice President Mike Pence earlier this month, Governor Bruce Rauner is making himself scarce during Trump’s visit, saying he’d already visited the town last week. Rauner’s gubernatorial rival, JB Pritzker, wondered what the “real reason” was for his absence. “Bruce Rauner is ditching his partner in crime on his first presidential visit to Illinois, and he’s pretending it’s a scheduling conflict,” said Pritzker campaign spokesperson Jason Rubin in a press release. (CBS)


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