Fortnite, Overwatch, Pro Gamers, Open Play and More at Wizard World Chicago 2018

Photo: Marielle Shaw Summer might be starting to wrap up, but Wizard World Chicago is just getting started. We were out on the floor for the first day of the convention, and we scoped out all of the places you can get your game fix. From table top games to video games--we have you covered. What you can do now: Photo: Marielle Shaw Out on the floor in the Wizard World gaming section are all sorts of free games you can play. There is a tabletop game section where you can grab a game and claim a table with some friends—or make some new friends. Photo: Marielle Shaw There are several areas dedicated to just video games, with an entire section of gaming PCs dedicated to Fortnite and Overwatch. You can also play other games, with Super Smash Bros. and Dragonball Fighters Z being popular choices. VR enthusiasts or those who've never given virtual reality a try can don the headset, grab some glowing Move controllers and dive right in. There's even a special opportunity to check out the first two levels of Ghostbusters: Now Hiring for PSVR at the con. Photo: Marielle Shaw Hardware maker Razer has their video game laptops and cell phones out for demonstrations, where you can test out several different games on Razer hardware. You can even enter to win a Razer gaming laptop and cell phone, or take selfies at the booth and post them with special hashtags to allow you a chance at the Razer claw machine which is full of Razer goodies to snap up. Photo: Marielle Shaw What to expect this weekend: On Saturday and Sunday pro gamers are gracing the convention hall, ready to give out some elite gamer tips as well as take photos and sign autographs with fans. Pro Fortnite players like Cloakzy and Cizzorz from FaZe will make an appearance as well as Overwatch League superstars like iddqd and Babybay. There are also plans for them to do a Q&A—we’ll update this article as the schedule becomes available to us, but here is who we know is attending: Mattstergamer--Madden '19 (Sat/Sun) Kayuun, Fortnite (Saturday) BrandonTV Fortnite (Saturday) Kenith Fortnite Saturday iddqd Overwatch (Sunday) Babybay Overwatch (Sunday) Cloakzy Fortnite (Sunday) Cizzorz Fortnite (Sunday) Photo: Marielle Shaw I just want to reiterate: all of the games on the Wizard World Chicago floor are open play—that means free to attendees--so get out there and check it out. Hi! If you made it down this far you must’ve liked what you’ve seen. If you did, consider donating to our Patreon. Your donations enable us to continue to provide this type of content and more. Check out our Patreon page at Thank you for your support!
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