Gallery: Friday Cosplay at Wizard World Chicago 2018

Photo: Marielle Shaw If Thursday started slow, Friday was in full force from hour one, and we saw plenty more cosplay out on the floor at the crack of noon when doors opened, with a steady stream of attendees in elaborate outfits they'd lovingly crafted flowing in all the way 'til the show floor closed that night at 7. Saturday's usually the best day to see cosplay, since Wizard World's contest is that evening, but, as you'll see, Friday was no slouch.   This year, Wizard World Chicago is celebrating Ghostbusters, too, and in honor of that, we wanted to help you get to know who to call. Check out our video interview below with the Windy City Ghostbusters, a local group of charitable cosplay and Ghostbusters enthusiasts who will be live on the floor all weekend reading to kids, doing slime demos, posing for pictures and showing off their amazing gear, including a fully functional Ghostbusters car to ogle.
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Marielle Bokor