Review: Rolling Blackouts at Lincoln Hall

Rolling Blackouts Costal Fever ran through a rollicking set to a sold-out  Lincoln Hall crowd which bounced along.

The Australians are touring on the back of their debut full-length “Hope Dreams,” released earlier this summer. It has drummed up hype for the last couple years through critically lauded EPs, quickly establishing a trademark style, fast rhythms and climbing and descending scales.

On record, the music lays back for long stretches before pouncing forward, running rhythms into the ground until a chord change socks the system back into realizing what’s happening. It is a passive trance which occurs and is broken before you even realize you’re in it.

In the live setting, that trance became much more active. It still brought one in and twisted them around its finger, but the experience was intensified and sharpened. The band rumbled through songs from all its projects, presenting its sometimes-subtle evolution in more obviously energetic ways.

The three guitars, bass and drums were all coherent, following the same rhythm and taking turns together. The set blazed past, and without much stage banter, seemed to be one whole piece of music, with hardly a note missed.

The space was perfect for the show, the band being popular enough to fill the room maximized the experience for everyone there, onstage and off.

The band is finishing up its current tour dates in the States before heading to Australia and Europe for the rest of the year.

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Sam Kayuha