Clinton Campaigns for Pritzker, Van Dyke Trial Continues – TODAY 10-02-18

Clinton Campaigns for Pritzker

Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton campaigned for Democratic gubernatorial hopeful JB Pritzker Monday at a roundtable discussion with high school women.

Clinton joined Pritzker and running mate Rep. Juliana Stratton at EvolveHer, a coworking space in River North.

Rep. Juliana Stratton, Hillary Clinton, and JB Pritzker at a roundtable discussion. Photo provided by JB Pritzker campaign.

“In our democracy, where everybody’s voice and vote is supposed to count the same, a leader should be serving people,” said Clinton in remarks emailed to press. “Both JB and Juliana bring their own experiences and their talents and their commitments, and together they want to lead in a way that really gives everybody else the chance to make the most out of your own lives.”

Clinton formally endorsed Pritzker in April after he won the Democratic primary. Pritzker is a long-time supporter of Clinton’s, and donated more than $14 million to two super PACs during her 2016 presidential campaign. He also supported her 2008 presidential primary campaign against then Senator Barack Obama, who would go on to win two terms as President. Obama endorsed Pritzker for governor in August.

Van Dyke Trial Continues

The trial of Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke resumed Tuesday after a sick juror caused a delay on Monday. Van Dyke has been on trial for 18 days for first degree murder for the 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald.

The prosecution has already wrapped its arguments, and the defense is expected to continue calling witnesses, including a psychologist and possibly even Van Dyke himself.

Community activists meanwhile have ramped up calls for protests and other actions, including a one-day strike of all city workers, ahead of the impending verdict. On Monday Fr. Michael Pfleger called for a citywide strike should Van Dyke not be convicted.

Demonstrators march onto Lake Shore Drive at the Belmont onramp as part of an anti-violence protest on August 2nd. Photo by Aaron Cynic.

“Several of us are in agreement that when the Van Dyke verdict comes down that if it is Anything Less than a CONVICTION, the next day Chicago should SHUT DOWN…” wrote Pfleger in a Facebook post. “NO ONE SHOULD GO TO WORK, SCHOOL, ANY STORES….A COMPLETE SHUT DOWN…to send an Economic message of Outrage. EVERY person of Conscience should commit to this….To show that this outrage is bigger than the Black Community.”

A large group of African American pastors and community activists also met Monday to discuss potential protest plans.

“One: a just and godly verdict. Two: peace in the streets. Three: the protection of lives and property, whatever that verdict may be,” were the goals laid out by Pastor James Moody of Quinn Chapel, according to the Sun-Times. “And finally, we’re praying for sustainable changes, legal changes, that would prevent something like this from happening again.”

Aaron Cynic
Aaron Cynic