HotLips Messiah Go Big on Their New Album, Disco Miscarriage

HotLips Messiah is a Chicago quartet well known for their raucous live sets, led by their mesmerizing singer Traci Trouble. In a band where every member is careening around the stage, Trouble’s charisma and searing energy help keep things as grounded as they can be. Which is to say bordering on the edge of chaos.

The band has been hard at work over the last few years on their new album Disco Miscarriage, a sprawling double-album of 46 songs featuring a virtual who’s who of the Chicago rock scene, including guest appearances from (and this is just a sampling) members of Naked Raygun, The Bollweevils, The Gravetones, and Destroy Everything.

While their stage shows are always one step away from complete and delicious implosion, the band’s songwriting has grown ever tighter over the years, so expect this new opus from them to be something that will be something you can dig into and unpeel listen after listen.

The band celebrates the album release at Cigars & Stripes tonight, October 25. The show begins at 7 p.m. as part of the venue’s 9th Annual Freaktoberfest, and according to the press release, features “a beer tasting of 13, Big Ass, sought after beers including Founders KBS and other dark, gruesome beers.” The tasting begins at 5 p.m.

Chicago’s The Hamburglars will open the show, and if you haven’t seen their memorable take on just what a live band should look like, you definitely want to get their early for them. Fire dancer Kimchee Clownstar will also be performing throughout the night.

Holy mackerel.

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