Preview: The Dirty Nil Bring Their Stadium Rawk To Town Tonight

The Dirty Nil are a trio out of Canada, but their noise is anything but polite. Most groups of this configuration mine the blues for source material—whatever you do, don't call 'em a stereotypical power trio—but The Dirty Nil go straight for the epic and oversized sound that mixes '70s stadium rock with '90s crunch. Their latest album, Master Volume, sees the band building on the noise of their previous releases with a new found grasp of melodic hooks that helps elevate this effort and places it in the running for one of the best rock albums of 2018. Also, any band this heavy that name checks David Bowie's Hunky Dory is, well, hunky dory in my book. Don't dive deep into the band's lyrics. They seem more intent on touching on a more ephemeral approach, evoking thoughts and feelings instead of clear storylines. And that fits with their apparent ethos. This is a band that wants you to rock out without much thought. But don't get me wrong, this ain't big dumb rock. This is all about the feeling, and that feeling is visceral. It's the feeling of a basement party with sweat dripping from the ceiling as the duo strains to make sounds that are arena-worthy. The Dirty Nil comes through town tonight, October 26, at Cobra Lounge. And one of my local favorite bands Sonny Falls will open the show, so expect to get your face melted.
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