A Film Buff’s Guide to Halloween: Four Local Theaters Screening Halloween Treats

Photo: Renee Render-Kaplan

Part of the fun of October for some is the cornucopia of frightening films to fill up those dreary, windy, spooky evenings. As we come into Halloween weekend, we thought it might be nice to highlight a few places in town that are serving up great horror films throughout, so you can grab a date or some friends and indulge in some Halloween horror fun at some of our favorite theaters in town. There’s even an option for families with younger members to enjoy. Take a look and consider a trip to the cinema this weekend for some Halloween classics. 

Photo: Shawn Kelly

Throughout Halloween weekend, there’s plenty of classic horror to keep you entertained at The Music Box Theatre. If you can’t get a ticket to one of the midnight showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Midnight Madness, you can still delight in Halloween scares with screenings of The Fog at 9:20 and 11:30 pm Saturday and a 9:20 showing Sunday as well as a screening of Suspiria set for All Hallow’s Eve at 7pm.  

Photo: Phil Trusky

The Logan Theatre’s got its own lineup of Halloween classics as it screens Nosferatu at 11pm on Saturday, along with daily showings of Halloweens both old and new and The Shining through til October 31. 

Photo: Renee Rendler Kaplan

At the Arclight Cinemas, you’ll be treated to some Cronenberg horror for the Halloween weekend if you attend the 30th anniversary screening of Videodrome, a mind-twisting body horror favorite that’s sure to at the very least unsettle. The Videodrome anniversary screening is at 7:30 sharp on Tuesday, October 30 at the Arclight Chicago.  

Photo: Stephanie Barto

If you want to keep the Halloween Spirit but avoid the wicked nightmares, you can grab the family and head to the Auditorium Theatre , where their screening of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas gets a special addition, with the Chicago Philharmonic performing the classic Danny Elfman score live in what should be a great time for young and old alike. 

Marielle Bokor
Marielle Bokor