Preview: Red Velvet Brings Redmare to the US

When Red Velvet visited Chicago back in April for their first US fanmeet, they asked their fans if they would be willing to come to their concert if they were to have a tour in the States. With an overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic roar of support, the members promised that they would try their best to make the tour a reality. A few months later, it seems like the group is following through with their promise as they’re embarking on a five-show North American tour in 2019.

The group, which consists of five members Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri, isn’t new to performing in the United States. (They’ve made a few appearances at events such as KCon and SXSW’s Korea Spotlight.) However, the upcoming REDMARE tour will be the first time the group goes on a full-length solo venture.

Just a couple of weeks prior, Red Velvet had a comeback for their most recent mini-album, RBB, with “RBB (Really Bad Boy)” as their lead single. The song, which is highlighted by their members’ powerful vocals, hard-hitting brass notes, and ambitious choreography, contrasts the group’s previous single “Bad Boy,” a more subdued, alluring track. However, this musical diversity boasts the group’s ability to experiment with genres, a nod to their name, which reflects their red (bubbly) and velvet (edgy and seductive) musical styles. With a vibrant discography, Red Velvet’s REDMARE show is sure to be memorable night.

Whether you’re looking for something fun to do for Valentine’s day or simply curious to see what the group is all about, be sure to check out the ladies of Red Velvet when they’re in town for their REDMARE Tour on February 15th at The Chicago Theatre. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow through Ticketmaster at 10am CST. Stay up to date with news regarding the tour by following SubKulture Entertainment.

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