Album Review: Dumbfoundead Makes a Feel Good Comeback

Last month, K-Town LA’s beloved resident rapper Dumbfoundead released his latest EP, Cafe Bleu, a follow up to last year’s Rocket Man and Foreigner EPs. Cafe Bleu EP is the rapper’s third release in the span of a year, an ambitious feat for any musician. In the new EP, Dumbfoundead dips into a fresh, new genre, expanding his sounds towards a previously unexplored territory. The EP, which is named after and inspired by an actual restaurant of the same name, is quite a contrast to the rapper’s previous work. In Cafe Bleu, Dumbfoundead opts for breezier, more laid-back sound, rather than his signature style of harder, high energy, and good times rap. The EP starts out with the titular track “Cafe Bleu Theme” which sets the vibe of the EP as a whole. Telling a tale of warmth, belonging, and acceptance, the song opens the EP with a smooth, jazzy track. Cafe Bleu EP features a more heavy emphasis on Dumbfoundead’s vocals in comparison to any of his previous work. Featuring a vibrant lineup of collaborators, the EP boasts a collaborative undertaking of  Dumbfoundead and his guest producers and artists, including Shawn Wasabi, Paloalto, Year of the Ox, Sweater Beats, and more. But the album isn’t just all chill vibes and mellow moods, a bit of Dumbfoundead's signature flare and hype seeps through in his tracks “Almost There” and “Chill Foo.” Wrapping up the album is the breezy “Pink Bleu Dawn,” concluding the Cafe Bleu EP with a wistful finale, reminiscent to the end of a season.
Dumbfoundead’s Cafe Bleu EP is a feel good piece with experimental sounds that stray away from what you would normally expect from the rapper. Known for his hard tracks and clever lyrics, the rapper has released many fan favorite tracks last year, including “Hyung,” “P.A.A.C. (Protect At All Cost),” “Every Last Drop,” and “Water.” However, Cafe Bleu proves to be a testament to the rapper's talent and versatility, showing his ability to evolve his style and music once again.
While the rapper has yet to share any news on an upcoming tour, it’s still possible to get a glimpse of him through one of his current projects. You can keep up with Dumbfoundead through his podcast/ radio series Fun with Dumb or see the rapper on the big screen starring in Joseph Kahn directed and Eminem produced film Bodied. Listen to Cafe Bleu EP below.
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