Review: Warhammer: Vermintide 2 DLC Back to Ubersreik Brings the Ubersreik Five Back to Their Roots

Screenshot: Vermintide 2: Back to Ubersreik DLC Warhammer: Vermintide 2 has been one of my go-to games this year. Developer Fatshark isn’t always popular with its entire fanbase (Which developer is?) but they have been steadily adding onto Co-op hack n’ slash Vermintide 2 since its release earlier this year. The first DLC Shadows Over Bogenhafen was great, but felt a bit light in terms of content. Their latest DLC, Back to Ubersreik feels like a good value content-wise while revisiting some levels that were fan favorites from the first game. Screenshot: Vermintide 2: Back to Ubersreik DLC The whole premise of Back to Ubersreik is that your portal creating ally Oleysa wants you to revisit Ubersreik to find a dwarven treasure. There are three runes that must be found—the only problem is that these runes are scattered about the now destroyed Ubersreik. Oleysa creates an illusion of a non-destroyed Ubersreik that allows you to go back to interact with these runes. It’s a pretty flimsy premise, but the whole thing is talked about pretty tongue-in-cheek by Oleysa as she guides you through these old levels. Which, to your character, is the first time they’re going through it—due to the illusion, or something—like I said: flimsy premise, but it’ it’s enough to get you back to Ubsersreik. Screenshot: Vermintide 2: Back to Ubersreik DLC And Ubersreik has never looked better. While I didn’t spend as much time with the original Vermintide as I have with its sequel, it was a nostalgic trip to blow the Horn of Magnus again. Back to Ubersreik includes three classic levels: “The Horn of Magnus,” “Garden of Morr,” and “Engines of War.” Each of these are in full Vermintide 2 glory, with the difficulty bumped up in a few key places—most notably at the end of “Horn of Magnus” when the last wave feels like it takes just a tad too long to finish up. Even if you and your crew are experienced Skaven-slayers, “Engines of War” is tough. Each of these new levels have runes to find, hidden away behind complicated machinations. If you are able to find them all (we used a guide) then you are rewarded with a fourth, “secret” (not so secret) level. Screenshot: Vermintide 2: Back to Ubersreik DLC You can eschew the rune finding (if you even know how to go about it) and play the levels for what they are: a revisit of older Vermintide levels, now gussied up and put into Vermintide 2 style. They aren’t quite 1:1 replications, but they come pretty darn close—at least from my recollection. Screenshot: Vermintide 2: Back to Ubersreik DLC The great news is that your friends can play the DLC with you, even if they don’t own it themselves. If they don’t want to plop down the ~10 bucks, they can access all of the levels, including Fortunes of War, as long as you connect to a host that owns the DLC. The only downside is those who don’t own the DLC won’t get access to the goodies that come with it, even when playing in a hosted game. That means you won’t have access to the new weapons, quest, or challenges that come with it. Screenshot: Vermintide 2: Back to Ubersreik DLC While Back to Ubersreik might not be exactly what we wanted, it does add more to Vermintide 2, and these “new” levels are welcome. And while Shadows Over Bogenhafen wasn’t full of content, Back to Ubersreik feels worth it at the asking price. Hi! If you made it down this far you must’ve liked what you’ve seen. If you did, consider donating to our Patreon. Your donations enable us to continue to provide this type of content and more. Check out our Patreon page at Thank you for your support!
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