Review: A Raw and Passionate Post Animal Connected with Their Hometown Crowd

The energy buzzing throughout the venue was palpable as fans fervently waited in anticipation to see Post Animal’s hometown performance. A Chicago fan-favorite group, the psych-rock band played in front of a packed crowd at the Metro for their headlining tour titled “Tour 3,” a follow-up to the release of their first full-length studio album, When I Think Of You In A Castle, from earlier in the year. Opening for Post Animal were the band’s fellow Chicago musicians - Divino Niño followed by Paul Cherry. Both bands brought forth a laid-back, mellow charm to their set, highlighting their signature vintage-inspired sound with an added flare. Divino Niño and Paul Cherry were both complementary openers for the headliner, both incredibly chill and dreamy. Both bands had the audience swaying along to their songs from start to finish. However, the crowd’s response to the opening acts were in no way indicative of what was soon to come. Following the openers, Post Animal, featuring five out of their usual six members, took to the stage. Starting out their set with one of their more up-tempo tracks, the band opened with “Gelatin Mode.” While the track is a relatively fast-paced jam, it is one that is more reminiscent of Pink Floyd than anything alt or heavy rock. Still, that didn't stop the crowd from diving headfirst into a frenzy. Fans in the crowd immediately started moshing to the song. Some attempted to crowd surf, others danced and collided into one another, and some even tossed their full drinks onto the stage. All of this and more was happening less than 10-minutes into the band’s set. Despite the overzealous crowd, Post Animal’s set was, for the most part, moderate-tempoed and relaxed with songs like “Tire Eyes,” “Ralphie,” and “Special Moment.” And while the energy was abundant, the rowdiness wasn’t too distracting from the band’s performance, instead adding a sense of shared fun and excitement. Regardless of the full, boisterous venue, Post Animal’s concert was raw, passionate, and carried a feeling intimacy between band and listener.
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Pearl Shin