Review: Tomorrow Never Knows Fest Concludes with out of This World Space Cowboys Sports

Three very brilliant and contrasting bands closed out Tomorrow Never Knows at Lincoln Hall Sunday night. The crowd did not hesitate to flood the front of the stage early on in the night, eager for the main act: Sports.

The evening kicked off strongly with the dreamy Pavo Pavo. They entranced the entire crowd with their angelic vocals and captivating keyboard melodies. At times, the crowd held off on clapping because of how invested they were, eager for more at the end of each tune. By the end of their; what felt very short; set, the whole room seemed to have been put under an enchantment by the divine beings that were Pavo Pavo.

Next up was indie rock band Arlie. For such a youthful looking group, they sure do know how to rock out! They really got the crowd going with their hardcore and summer-esque rock vibes. Arlie’s stage presence and energy was some of the best for an opening band. They jammed to every track and delivered their passion for their work through their performance.

After two very adequate and fresh openers, the space cowboys finally came to steal the limelight. If you know Sports, you know that you’re in for a cosmic journey. The Oklahoma group does not hold back in delivering their best performance both musically and aesthetically.

The band has been on tour promoting their third full-length LP Everyone’s Invited. Much like their previous work, this album brings out even more soothing bedroom vibes that Sports has composed so perfectly. That being said, the boys brought many jams from their newest album to life and resurrected old favorites.

From groovy guitar riffs to lo-fi instrumentals, Sports delivered a colorful arrangement that gave the audience a taste of each of their three commendable albums. The fabulous trio rocked sequence covered outfits that made them look like human disco balls. Lead singer Cale was very comfortable with getting in audience member’s faces while singing to them and jumping into the crowd during their hit “Gotta Know Better” from their second album, “People Can’t Stop Chillin.” Featured on some of the new material from Everyone’s Invited, bass player Jacob chimed in on vocals for tracks such as “Cadillac” and “Rob Las Vegas.” Who knew that the bass player could have a voice just as good as the lead singer!

Sports is an excellent band to catch live and everyone is always invited! That feeling permeated throughout the night as they capped off Tomorrow Never Knows on very high note.

All photos by Andrew Lagunas.

Andrew Lagunas
Andrew Lagunas

Andrew Lagunas is a freelance photographer from Naperville who specializes in portraiture and concert photography. He has an Associate in Arts degree from College of DuPage and is always looking for new creative outlets.