Photos: Face to Face at Subterranean

Southern California punk legends Face to Face graced the stage at Subterranean thrice last week, pulling out two of their most classic records along with a new one that still features their greatest hits. Sadly, we missed the Thursday and Friday shows – where the gang played Hold Fast and Don’t Turn Away in their entirety respectively. We did however, manage to catch the show Saturday, where Face to Face burned through their 1996 self-titled record along with a few other classics.

Face to Face plays their 1996 self-titled album at Subterranean in Chicago. Photo by Aaron Cynic.

Chicago melodic skate punkers Counterpunch opened the evening and were the perfect appetizer for the main course.

Counterpunch opens for Face to Face at Subterranean. Photo by Aaron Cynic.

Despite a short four-year hiatus back in the early aughts, Face to Face has consistently put out blistering yet fun punk rock for more than 27 years. Though the band’s later releases are just as good – if not more mature – than the band’s first couple of records, the group’s first three are some of their best and filled with classic singalongs. Though all of us are much older and greyer, their set Saturday was a fantastic reminder that no matter how old or grey or achy we’ve become over the years, the anthems of our youth never leave us.

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Aaron Cynic