Rich Jones Keeps the Soulful Sounds Coming with “Overcoats”

Last year, Rich Jones shifted his musical leaning from straight forward hip hop flows to something a little smoother on The Shoulder You Lean On. Everything felt more chilled out, emphasizing laid back vocals and more mature themes. While elements of his rapping history were still felt throughout thanks to production from J. Kelr and Kenny Keys and an appearance from Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, they never overtook Jones' new direction. He seems keen on staying on the more R&B and soul focused track with his latest single "Overcoats" featuring production from The O'My's. “Overcoats” feels like it would have settled in perfectly with tracks on The Shoulder You Lean On. Inspired by the cold shoreline of Lake Michigan, "Overcoats" jumps between sun-kissed moments and the chilly reality of Chicago winters. The O'My's instrumentation is gentle throughout the track. Maceo Haymes on guitar and Nick Hennessey on the organ lull you into a relaxed mood that immediately grabs a hold of you. Jones' vocals sound as laidback as ever as he croons about the future and love, jumping between emotive cadences with deft precision. The official release for "Overcoats" is 3/1, but you can check out the wonderful track below.    
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Julian Ramirez