Divino Niño Announces Their New Album Foam

 Divino Niño – Photo by Alexa Viscius

It’s been quite a while since the last collection of Divino Niño songs. Luckily we won’t have to wait much longer since they just announced that their next album, Foam, will be released on June 21st on Winspear Records. Made up of guitarist Camilo Medina, bassist Javier Forero, guitarist Guillermo Rodriguez and drummer Pierce Codina, Divino Niño is as chill and enjoyable of a band as one could hope for. Divino Niño evokes warm summer sounds that often shift between English and Spanish lyrics, pulling you into a world where dreamy psychedelic pop songs reign supreme. While their latest single “Coca Cola” doesn’t jump around languages, it does end up swimming happily along those familiar psych soundscapes.

“Coca Cola” beautifully churns along as Medina’s cadence gently guides you through the band’s lush instruments, which are instantly catchy. Even the slightly undulating album art on the video (created by Camilo) is a welcome visual that grabs a hold of you and has you nodding along to the fantastic track. If “Coca Cola” and previously released single “Foam” are any indication, the new record is poised to be amazing. Add in Twin Peaks collaborator Andrew Humphrey helping with the mix and the likes of Paul Cherry, Twin Peaks’ Colin Croom, and Mild High Club’s Matt Roberts assisting with production, you have a recipe for a stunner.

Foam will be released on June 21st on Winspear Records. You can preorder the album here. You can also catch Divino Niño open for Durand Jones & The Indications at Thalia Hall on April 11th.  Tickets are available here!

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