Preview: Ex Hex Brings Their Powerful Sound to Thalia Hall

There are power trios, and then there are POWER TRIOS. Ex Hex falls into the second CATEGORY. Mary Timony, Betsy Wright, and Laura Harris have much vaunted experience that would immediately throw them in the real of “supergroups.” Only, supergroups tend to follow one or another’s vision a little too tightly, and Ex Hex is a whole new beast built off the strengths of the three women at its core.

Their new album It’s Real takes the band’s opening salvo from the debut Rips and, well, rips the floor out from under you. Huge thrusting power chords dominate and deliver a “girl group” attack that would steamroll most anyone in their path. Their secret sauce? They manage to latch on hooks galore to the guitar stomp so you’ll be humming the songs days after they’ve flattened your face.

Are you looking for politically charged lyrics? This ain’t your stop. But if you want to get crushed by tasty licks that reconfigure 1980’s rock and/or roll in a way you wish had existed in the past this is the band for you.

I’ve seen Ex Hex a number of times and they have never disappointed. Give in. Thank me later.

Ex Hex plays Thalia Hall tonight at 8 p.m. Join in the movement.


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