Review: ionnalee Takes the Bottom Lounge on a Galactic Journey

Swedish singer and songwriter, ionnalee, brought an out of this world performance to the Bottom Lounge Sunday evening on her “Remember The Future” headlining U.S. tour. ionnalee’s dancy electropop style, very reminiscent of house music, made for an exhilarating evening that had the whole venue moving their feet throughout her rejuvenating set. Opening for ionnalee, singer Allie X put on a breathtaking but unfortunately short set that had the entire audience singing and dancing. Allie X and ionnalee were the perfect pairing as they have similar styles and both have huge followings, especially from the gay community. It almost felt like a mini pride fest at the Bottom Lounge having two renowned electropop stars performing in one night. The fans looked extravagant, mirroring the fashion choices of both Allie X and ionnalee, which can be head-turners and statement makers. Allie X’s nine-song set flew by but was definitely worth showing up early for. Next up was the main event, ionnalee. Right away she did not disappoint, opening with her latest single, “SOME BODY,” she entranced her fans with her psychedelic visuals and the songs’ cosmic tones and melody. She rocked an all silver outfit that made her whole set seem like performance art, making her show that much more intriguing and amusing! To make things even more interesting, ionnalee then threw on a light-up cape that she waved around making her appear like an extraterrestrial ghost. It is so admirable when artists go above and beyond with their wardrobe because it is a part of the show and ionnalee going all out is what makes her such an appreciable artist. One of the many highlights of this show was that she also covered hits from her other project, iamamiwhoami. Her lo-fi and heavy bass hitter track “Play” was among one of the best songs she performed that night along with closing out her show with “Goods.” “Goods” is intense, full of energy and makes you want to go all out and dance. It was delightful and refreshing to see not only ionnalee’s work but also her work as iamamiwhoami. ionnalee was striking, lovely and most important of all, entertaining. She is consummate a performer. She danced, served the crowd fierce looks and every single one of her songs was unique in its own way making her fans clamor for more. From her visuals to her vocals, she knows how to put on a wonderful spectacle; I would not be surprised if she blows up even more in popularity down the line.
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Andrew Lagunas

Andrew Lagunas is a freelance photographer from Naperville who specializes in portraiture and concert photography. He has an Associate in Arts degree from College of DuPage and is always looking for new creative outlets.