Review: Tokyo Police Club and Dizzy Played an Incredible Show at Empty Bottle

Maybe it’s because I worked all day, maybe it’s because I’m 31 but secretly 80 on the inside, but I was really tired when I got to the Empty Bottle for Tokyo Police Club. I made my way to the front of the stage and sleepily got ready for the show. By the time I left the venue that night, I was more awake than I’d been at the start of the day.

Tokyo Police Club by Kate Scott

Tokyo Police Club have been an indie rock staple for over a decade and have played the biggest festivals in the world. They really shine in small venues, though, and the comfy dive bar that is Empty Bottle was perfect for this show. The opening act, Dizzy, was an interesting choice in that they were mellow and didn’t really hype up the crowd. That being said, vocalist Kate Munshaw has an absolutely beautiful voice that makes you feel comforted and a bit melancholy at the same time. This was the last night they were on tour with Tokyo Police Club, so they were determined to put on their best show. My favorite moment of their set was during their song “Joshua”. Munshaw told the audience she’d written the song after a guy named Josh broke her heart, and knowing that the song was based on a true story made it so much more emotional. Despite most people coming to the show for the more energetic Tokyo Police Club, the crowd was definitely into Dizzy and gave them the massive applause they deserved.

Dizzy by Kate Scott

By the time Tokyo Police Club came on, the crowd was definitely energetic. The band ran onstage to the sounds of cheers and immediately started playing “DLTFWYH” (aka “Don’t Let Them Fuck With Your Heart”). The song is a bit of a departure from their classic tunes, but it’s clear that it was made with the same love and energy as their old work. As they went into “Simple Dude”, a full on fist fight broke out right next to me between two clearly drunk women. It got so bad that one of the women bit the other because she was being dragged to the ground. The band had to stop the set and make sure everything was okay. “I felt like Kevin James in Paul Blart: Mall Cop there for a minute!” vocalist and bassist David Monks said. Once everything was sorted, the band went right back to it, going into “Favorite Color” and “Bambi” from their 2010 album Champ.

Overall, the evening was exciting and full of incredible music. The fight completely sullied my mood for a bit, especially because I was in the middle of it. That being said, both Dizzy and Tokyo Police Club seemed elated to be at Empty Bottle, and 99% of their fans were just as happy. Moral of the story: don’t try to glass someone at an indie rock show. Or ever.

Tokyo Police Club close out their tour on May 10th in Toronto. For tickets to the show, click HERE.

Kate Scott
Kate Scott

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