Preview: VGA Gallery Brings Hong Kong Artists to Chicago for PLAY.GROUND II: Video Game Art from Hong Kong

Hui Wai Keung – RE-DüRER. Via VGA Gallery.

In the US, we can be myopic about our place in the world sometimes. Much of the media we consume can seem to revolve around us and what’s happening here, or could happen here–we’re the site of the zombie apocalypse or the military power enforcing, or even the setting for so many rally races and sporting tournaments. This is often true in literature, movies, TV and video games. But pan out a little more and you start to see the wider world and the beauty in its art. This is the goal of the latest exhibit put forth by the Video Game Art Gallery. PLAY.GROUND II: Video Game Art from Hong Kong, focuses on the creative world of one of the cities that’s most frequently referenced in video games, just behind New York and Tokyo.

PLAY.GROUND II: Video Game Art from Hong Kong examines the work of five different Hong-Kong based artists. All five are self-described media artists that use video games for their art to allow viewers to interact with it in unique ways. In S for Sisyphus, one of featured artist IP Yuk Yiu’s pieces, he re-explores Albert Camus’ Sisyphus myth with the goal of studying “action, meaning, and human intentionality via a simple animated and playable experience” and features a simple game that allows players to become Sisyphus, struggling with a giant cube, and adds an accompanying machinima, or film created by using computer graphics engines, that allows for a different point of view of the same interaction. Other artists featured in the show are Hui Wai Keung, Vvzela KOOK, Alan Kwan and Edwin Lo, all of whom are new media artists interested in using games to bring new perspective.

The exhibit, supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and previously shown in Tokyo Arts and Space is the first of its kind to make a stop in North America, and has its opening reception tonight, from 6 to 9 pm, and will include appearances by some of the artists. As always, the VGA Gallery brings forth new media, new perspectives and new experiences, and we highly recommend checking this out, whether it’s tonight, when you can interface with the artists themselves, or on another day the gallery is open. You can also support the work of the VGA gallery by checking out their prints for sale, and get involved by contributing to their academic publication, the VGA Reader.

The VGA Gallery is located at 2418 W Bloomingdale #102, and is free to the public. Tonight’s opening reception runs from 6-9 pm but normal hours for the gallery are Wednesdays from 5-8 pm and Sundays from 12-5. 


Marielle Bokor
Marielle Bokor