Review: Faye Webster’s Atlanta Millionaires Club, Yo-Yo Tricks, and Lottery Scratch-Offs Take the Spotlight at Schubas

In the ever-changing world of music, everyone wants to compare artists to one another; Atlanta’s Faye Webster is no different. Having recently signed to Secretly Canadian, based out of Bloomington, Indiana, she’s garnered comparisons to label mates Stella Donnely and Cherry Glazerr. Fresh off a performance at Bonnaroo, Faye has made her way up north with a few stops in between to delight the Schubas crowd. Still emulating Bonnaroo vibes, Faye Webster takes the stage with a long white shirt, baggy white pants, and an Atlanta Braves pullover to complete her tour outfit. 

Faye gets right into the set with “She Won’t Go Away,” her leading track from her 2017 self-titled record. Despite an excellent start, technical issues keep her from hearing her guitar through her speakers—an awkward but not unusual issue. Things ease up when a fan yells out “FPC! [First Presbyterian Church],” Which at first confuses Faye but then the lightbulb turns on: “Oh wait, that’s my youth pastor!” She may be Atlanta-based but has an upbringing in Nashville. The groovy Hawaiian intro to “Right Side of My Neck” sends a wave of emotions, with couples glancing into each other’s eyes throughout the brief single from this year’s Atlanta Millionaires Club 

Atlanta Millionaires Club track listing

The crowd anticipates what’s to come next after each interval of silence created by the ongoing sound issues. Faye breaks the silence by asking, “Who brought me lottery tickets tonight?” A wave of lottery tickets move their way up through the crowd as Faye talks about her inspiration for the back cover of the album. “My brother and I bought all these lottery tickets to get inspired to create the back album cover and we argued about who got the winnings even though all the money spent was mine. We did win $26.” The set is full of stories and antics as Faye continues with more absurd stage banter after playing “Pigeon.” “That song is about a guy I liked in Australia and I sent him a [carrier] pigeon and it was very expensive and I could only send two sentences because pigeons are very weak, so basically they told me I was better off texting him.”

We get a few more tunes from the band before Faye dismisses them to perform an unrecorded song and an acoustic version of “Cheap Thrills” by Father, a rapper and owner of her previous label, Awful Records. Faye has built some hype on Instagram about the yo-yo presence on her tour with her very own yo-yo and her friend Xion Wilson Chambers’ yo-yo tricks. Chambers took the stage to perform some yo-yo tricks after Faye’s attempt to do her best and warned everyone she’d been in a van all day. 

After 10 minutes of the only yo-yo tricks I have ever seen in person—which sent everyone into a frenzy—the band’s welcomed back to play “Kingston,” “Is It Too Much To Ask,” and “Jonny.” There couldn’t be a more fitting way for someone on tour to end the night than with a song about their dog being their best friend. A night of stage banter and antics couldn’t end without an encore of “Jonny (Reprise),” a soothing two minutes of Faye capping off the night while questioning love, white walls, and her relationship with her dog Jonny. Faye Webster‘s last words until next time: “Thank you for the scratch offs Chicago, hopefully I become a millionaire.”


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