Matt Muse Announces His Latest EP Love & Nappyness with the Thrilling “Ain’t No”

Matt Muse, Chicago-based rapper and poet, is steadily rising star and honestly, it’s no surprise. His flow is impeccable as he tackles issues of individuality with a fast and explosive approach. Muse has honed his craft for years leading him to becoming a teaching artist alongside the likes of Jamila Woods at Young Chicago Authors, the writing and poetry organization which helped launch the likes of Chance The Rapper, Mick Jenkins, Noname, Saba, and many others. Muse is a voice you need to be listening to and luckily, he has a new collection of music coming soon.

Muse’s recently announced EP, Love & Nappyness, comes out on August 9th. Love & Nappyness is the second project in his Nappy series, following last year’s excellent effort Nappy Talk. Where Nappy Talk focused on Muse’s strive for embracing his identity and a sense of masculine self-love, Love & Nappyness examines the multitudes of ways love reaches out to him. The EP will focus on “love” songs inspired by five types of love discussed in greek philosophy and biblical text, ramping up the subtext in what’s sure to be a dense collection of songs.

“Unique’s an understatement” he appropriately boasts in Love & Nappyness‘s lead single “Ain’t No” grabs a hold of that idea of self-love in the most bombastic and fun way. “So adjacent to the promised land, I’m saying no to patience” he continues, ready for the lime light so many artists reach for. The track is much more a kin to the songs of Nappy Talk, dumping in braggadocio confidence over every passing beat. But as that second verse on the song cruises on, the concept of being true to yourself no matter what reigns supreme. “So don’t you Harvey Dent/That’s split yourself in half for fame or class.” Where the beginning of the song make you believe it’s just an other cocky anthem, it’s the slow escalation to the song’s true center that makes Muse such an undeniable talent.

Matt Muse will celebrate the release of Love & Nappyness with a release show at Schubas on Saturday August 17th. Tickets are available now.

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Julian Ramirez