A Few More Picks For Your Pitchfork Music Festival Weekend!

Like clockwork, it has stormed the day before Pitchfork, to make sure the grounds are squidgy. And it will apparently be oppressively hot the next couple of days. Perfect!

That said, be careful, stay hydrated, and don’t miss these bands.

Sky Ferreira on the Green Stage at 4:15 on July 19
Last time Sky played Pitchfork she cried through most of her set with happiness that so many were feeling her vibe. We’re still awaiting the long promised follow-up album so hopefully we’ll hear some new material. Regardless, I’ve seen her live a number of times and she never fails to deliver. Her mixture of raw emotion and hooks that shouldn’t exist are always compelling.

HAIM on the Green Stage at 8:30 on July 19
This trio of sisters could have so easily been some sort of record label prefabricated experience, but they are the real deal. You will get lost in their enthusiasm to the point where you just have to give in and admit they are making your day. All three sisters slay, but my favorite thing about their shows is the “bass face” that Este Haim rocks throughout the show.

Photo by Jo McCaughey

Kurt Vile on the Red Stage at 5:15 on July 20
Wending and winding guitars make up the basis of Vile’s output, and he should fit perfectly as a midday tonic. If the heat comes as expected, this would be a good time to find a shady tree, lie down, and lose yourself. Too bad cannabis ain’t legal yet because this is the perfect set to float on by.

Photo by Cheryl Dunn

Belle & Sebastian on the Red Stage at 7:25 on July 20.
If you’re old you know this band as crying in their notebook indie rock. Nowadays they’ve turned into more of a pop sensation. This should be interesting.

Charli XCX on the Red Stage at 7:25 on July 21 and Robyn on the Green Stage at 8:30 on July 21.
In some ways these are spiritual sisters. Both artists are looking for a connection, and both are fully comfortable in their own skin. And both have written a number of iconic anthems in an incredibly short period of time. This one-two punch will be the thing that send folks out with a smile on their face. I guarantee it. Also, this is her last big fest before her next album so maybe we’ll see another guest appearance by Lizzo. One can hope.

BONUS: Snail Mail on the Blue Stage at 7:45 on July 21
Don’t wanna dance your way outta P4K? Snail Mail can help you finish up the weekend with a mixture of self-assured guitar rock melded with introspective musings that may actually make you think. So you have that option. Me? I’m gonna try and catch a little of all the final night has to offer.


Jim Kopeny / Tankboy
Jim Kopeny / Tankboy

Tankboy resides in the body of Jim Kopeny and lives in Mayfair with Pickle the Kitten and a beagle named Betty (RIP) who may actually be slightly more famous than most of the musicians slogging through the local scene. He's written about music for much longer than most bands you hear on the radio have even existed.