Review: High Crime-ing and Ms.-Demeanors with Mueller, She Wrote

Jordan Coburn, AG, Jaleesa “Racial Maddow” Johnson

Constitutional crisis commentary has become a cottage industry, and three SoCal women have carved out their niche with focused, funny, and accessible vivisections of the constant onslaught.

The Daily Beans podcast covers progressive issues, and the weekly Mueller, She Wrote section focuses on all this administration’s “crime-ing,” featuring Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, Bobby Three Sticks’, mandate, investigation and 448-page report on Trump’s ten counts of obstruction of justice and the Russian infiltration of the 2016 election.

The engaging trio brought the San Diego-based Mueller, She Wrote podcast-cum-stage show to Chicago’s Lincoln Hall last week. They’re like the Beastie Boys (or She’s Crafty) of podcast punditry, trading tidbits and quips instead of rhymes, with a dash of “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” games. Ginger frontwoman AG (a nom de guerre; perhaps she’s the alternative universe’s Attorney General?) hosts and engages Jaleesa “Racial Maddow” Johnson and Jordan Coburn.

The show started with corrections from previous podcasts, a refreshing nod to self-awareness, transparency and honest news. They bashed the mainstream media, including Maddow, for bashing Mueller’s sometimes lackluster, less than telegenic July 24 Congressional testimony.

The women make picks for their Fantasy Indictment League, a regular podcast feature. Chicago-based former federal prosecutor, CNN legal analyst and Politico columnist Renato Mariotti joined them onstage to talk about grand jury secrecy rules and other riveting, topical minutiae.

They also talked about the Supreme Court campaign finance case Buckley v. Valeo, then took a few savvy audience questions from a room full of mostly older political junkies.

The trio knows that there will continue to be plenty of high crimes and misdemeanors to talk about, so they have scheduled in-person events around the country through the end of the year – details here.





Karin McKie
Karin McKie

Karin McKie is a Chicago freelance writer, cultural factotum and activism concierge. She jams econo.

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